Outside - in

Lots of people have asked me about what I call my “Outside In” series of prints, so here goes…

It all began with a call out from the Graphic Studio to make a piece for the Botanic Gardens.


Number Nine

See inside my old studio - now available to rent on a lease.


Sleep on it!

Recently I’ve been a bit down in the dumps, mainly due to not being selected for a few exhibitions. Even being selected for others never really softens the blow. Why on earth do I put myself through this torture every year? Life had become a case of “A.B.A”, (anything but art), for weeks. But the cats got extra attention and I did do quite a lot in the garden, so the time wasn’t wasted. After a few weeks feeling a bit lost, an email arrived from the Graphic Studio.



An out-of-the-blue honour

I got the most amazing email from the Teresian School a few weeks ago asking if I would like a student award for art named after me! I cannot say how honoured I feel.



Here's to 2021 - I think...

Here’s to a better year...well it just HAS to be better than the last one!

It’s a long time since I wrote a blog, I honestly have no excuse as I was doing very little.

In November I painted the studio in preparation for the studio open day, which went ahead with social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer and without print demonstrations. It was a success and it was great to have some positive feedback.



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