Sleep on it!

Recently I’ve been a bit down in the dumps, mainly due to not being selected for a few exhibitions. Even being selected for others never really softens the blow. Why on earth do I put myself through this torture every year? Life had become a case of “A.B.A”, (anything but art), for weeks. But the cats got extra attention and I did do quite a lot in the garden, so the time wasn’t wasted. After a few weeks feeling a bit lost, an email arrived from the Graphic Studio.



An out-of-the-blue honour

I got the most amazing email from the Teresian School a few weeks ago asking if I would like a student award for art named after me! I cannot say how honoured I feel.



Here's to 2021 - I think...

Here’s to a better year...well it just HAS to be better than the last one!

It’s a long time since I wrote a blog, I honestly have no excuse as I was doing very little.

In November I painted the studio in preparation for the studio open day, which went ahead with social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer and without print demonstrations. It was a success and it was great to have some positive feedback.



United Arts Club virtual show

Well it happened! The show 'opened' in the most unusal manner with all the invitees socially distanced and sitting down - without a drinks reception to console them. The following day, Dublin entered level three plus, and then the whole country went to level five.


Drawn to Print - a solo show in UAC

MLM UACshow2020

In such strange times – and as there won’t be an official opening reception – I thought I’d put a few words together about this show; “Drawn to print”.

First of all, let me fill you in a little about the background to all of this.


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