My Norman

I was due to have surgery on my knee on Friday 24th, but then I got the opportunity to attend a course given by a hero of mine. I took about one second to make up my mind, phoned the hospital and cancelled the op!
And then came the dilemma… should you ever meet your hero? I have loved Norman Ackroyd’s work for 30 years. But the man and the work are two completely different things. There is a wonderful film about him called “What do artists do all day?”, it follows him for a day in his studio, and I hoped that this was the Norman that we were going to meet.

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End of an era, new beginnings

Last week, after almost 34 years as a member, I collected my belongings from the Black Church Print Studio. It was with a heavy heart that I made the decision not to renew my membership, as I had joined when I left NCAD. But over the last few years I had not worked there, as I found it difficult to get into Temple Bar; as well, I had built my own studio. As I emptied out “my” plan-chest drawer, memories flooded my head. 


A Place with a Dark Story


I rarely write much about the places I draw or print from.


Poor painting!

Last week I spent 3 days in London with LSH (long suffering husband). I was there to collect my work from the Masters Show at the Bankside Gallery. While there I saw a few great exhibitions at the V&A and the Royal Academy. The RA's big blockbuster Abstract Expressionism is superb, but at the top of the house there is a fantastic show called Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans.



What a week!

Well really, what few weeks! Which have been anything but dull. Normally, this is a time of slowing down and settling back to the rhythm of printmaking, as the days grow shorter. But the last few weeks have been like being caught up in a storm!


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