Spring fling


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It’s been ages since I settled down to write, and I’ve been getting increasingly guilty about it, especially as time seems to be galloping along.

We have driven over to Italy again and I have to say that spring must be the best time to do it. As we left Dublin towards the end of April, the trees had their first leaves, the primroses were in the banks at the side of the roads, but sadly we hadn’t yet spotted a swallow.


London Pilgrimage

The week before last I went to London for two days with Sheila Pomeroy, B.P.B.F, (brilliant painter and best friend), and before you even think it, we were there to see some exhibitions, and not shopping/partying. We had been a bit apprehensive about going so soon after the terrorist attacks in Paris. But thankfully it all went off without a hitch.


Getting ready


I have found it very difficult to get down to clear the studio for the open days in December this year. This wasn’t helped by my trying to experiment with a new, very large multiple plate etching. There were also lots of work that had to be delivered to various Christmas shows (I think it’s ok to mention the “C” word


Calendar time again!

How the year has zipped by!


It seems less than a year since we last put together the artwork and design for the calendar for 2015; now we have finished and printed the calendar for 2016. So get those orders in for it. You can see above that Squeak (MLM's studio assistant) has approved the work. Her imprimatur is a seal of high quality so you can rest assured you will receive only top draw stuff.

You can place an order HERE or ask MLM directly to keep you some if you are coming to the studio open days this December.


Painting (and decorating)

“Well it’s about time!” I hear you say as I write. It has been months since I knuckled down to write a blog, and may I add here that Marc Almond recently explained a blog as meaning “boring life, over glamourised”. So perhaps keep this in mind as you read on….



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