Crossing the Barbican

It’s always a bit tricky getting down to work in the new year after all the Christmas malarkey; and this year was no different. In Italy, I did manage to finish two large drawings; so I wasn’t totally idle during the festivities.

Christmas Drawings


Recent successes (shhh!)

We are now heading back to Dublin after a few lovely weeks in Italy. It was early October when we arrived in Radicondoli, and the weather (to our minds, at least) was beautiful. As usual, we’d some great times with our friends, picking olives (not as a fabulous harvest as last year), and a few trips to the sea.



Radicondoli's audible clock

When we come here for our annual stay, it is not long before I become aware of the constant sounds of the town and the surrounding countryside. Here I have no need for a watch, as various sounds mark the time of day. How different it is from where we live in Dublin.




Mushrooms, mushrooms, everywhere!

Mushrooms, mushrooms, everywhere!

porcini giallini


Hidden in plain sight

It’s been ages since I wrote, and to be honest I haven’t really a good enough excuse.

But I have been busy, as I continue to move from using, the very toxic, nitric acid that I etched with for almost forty years to greener processes. I was very lucky to get an Agility Award from the Arts Council to facilitate this.


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