RHA annual exhibition

The last few weeks have been absolutely manic with trying to finish work, dry prints, posting off work, submitting work online, framing and physically delivering submissions. At this stage, I am completely – as Ma would’ve said – “meithered”! But today, as I went for the post, I spotted a little brown envelope which filled me with dread. This was the decision on the work I sent in for the RHA annual show. As I ripped it open, I could barely read it, eventually I deciphered that I got one out of the three selected…..Hallelujah!


A bit of a Marie moment

I’ve a bit of a confession to make. Yesterday when I got a text from a pal to say I was mentioned on the back of the Irish Times,


A blue and yellow hell


Yesterday was a sort of “lost day”. I decided to finally grab the bull by the horns and tackle my never ending problem….STORAGE. My willing accomplice in this quest was Sheila, who is currently moving into her new home.

Ikea hell

We were SO organised:

  • List? tick.
  • Measurements? tick.
  • Marcus’s jeep? tick.
  • Ropes, just in case we buy something really big? tick.
  • Caffeine levels topped up? tick.
  • Early start? tick.


Looking a bit like Thelma and Louise, but without the soft-top car, or the sunglasses, we set off to err..em...IKEA!


Getting going again

IMG 1856

I am trying to catch up on work after a dose of the 'flu. It really knocked me for six, and now it seems that there are not enough hours in the day!


Trying to find 1st gear

We spent a wonderful Christmas in Radicondoli. The weather was cold, crisp and dry most of the time. Marcus did a terrific job keeping the flat warm doing “man stuff”, chopping logs and keeping the stove going at full tilt. So good a job, in fact, that every insect that had hibernated then decided to make an appearance! At times it was worse than summer.



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