Abandoned places - Outside in

A newer series of heads that include or feature inspirational people in silhouette; The paper is embossed, and their profiles filled with images connected with their lives.

Francesca's Dream
Francesca's Dre...


76 x 56cm

Mr Morris's wonderful wallpaper
Mr Morris's won...

William Morris, with his Acanthus design embossed

and the Strawberry Thief in his profile

Armatruda paper 41 x 30 cm €300 unframed


Homage to Piero della Francesca
Homage to Piero...

A twist on Piero della Francesca's double portrait of

the Duke and Duchess of Urbino.

Fabriano paper 40 x 40 cm approx €500 unframed

Mr Turner's grand design
Mr Turner's gra...

Robert Turner: Iron founder and creatoer of the 

palm houses of National Botanic Gardens, Glassnevin

Fabriano Paper 50 x 35 cm approx €150 unframed

Homage to Klimt
Homage to Klimt

Homage to Klimt

etching, embossing and metallic pigment

40 x 30 cm approx €300 unframed


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