Marie-Louise and Aidan Flanagan in Kilcock Art Gallery

See the new exhibition in the Kilcock Art Gallery: "Dreamscapes and Landscapes"


Breda Smyth openend the KAG forty years ago and has withstood the trials of recessions, rural decline, and of pressure of on-line sales. James English RHA was among the first artists to exhibit there, and so it is a great honour that he should now provide the opening remarks for this joint show. James is an artist of the highest calibre, a long-standing member of the Royal Hibernian Academy, now serving on its Programme Advisory Board having recently been an officer on the council as Hon. Treasurer. You can see his website HERE.

Aidan Flanagan is a fellow printmaker and friend. You can see lots of his work both on the KAG website linked above and on his on site HERE.

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday 8th September at 3pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Photo's of the opening will be posted later.